The intake valve, and the exhaust valve, each consists of a stem and head, and controls the inlet and outlet gases of the combustion chamber.

They block or pass flow, like any other valve, however, as engine valves, they are purely mechanical, and this device interfaces with other engine components such as rocker arms in order to open and close in the correct sequence, and with the correct timing.

Our intake valve and exhaust valve has strict selection criteria applied

Light and heavy duty valves with fully controlled material analysis and standard dimensions are sourced from reputable European suppliers, and are included in this product portfolio. In addition, coatings and surface finishes can be applied to improve the mechanical properties and wear characteristics of the engine valves, such as chromium plating, phosphate plating, nitride coating, and swirl finishing.

In internal combustion engines, the valves are one of the components that are highly stressed.

Thus, when we source our valves, they must be able to exhibit resistance to repeated and continuous exposure to high temperature, high pressure from the combustion chamber, and mechanical loads and stresses from the engine dynamics.