piston 2021


As the second product of GHAEM Group, our piston is one of the leading products in the product list and a vital component of the complete set that plays an important role in engine performance. During engine repairing, all the necessary conditions must be prepared in order to utilize the high quality of GHAEM pistons.

For this reason, it is recommended to use a complete set. All the pistons are ready to be installed inside the liner or cylinder block with the piston pin and pin holder. Different types of gasoline and diesel pistons with a maximum diameter of 380 mm are produced in our product range.

As car pistons suppliers we utilise an automatic gravity casting process

As an auto piston manufacturer, we use a process called automatic gravity casting, that normally using aluminium, with a phosphating coating. Thus we ensure, during our piston production, that we have economic savings by tooling for large quantity part runs, utilising tight skirt clearances for quiet operation, and the inherent wear resistance of a silicone aluminum alloy.

Our engineers take great care when designing our pistons, and because ring stability and pressure build is largely controlled by the piston skirt, frictional forces on the skirt, as well as skirt lubrication are very critical for sound engine operation.