cylinder liner 2021

Cylinder Liner

A key component of our excellent product range is the cylinder liner. These liners are produced as wet or dry and air cooled cylinder liners, according to our brand values: “Reliable Products – Standard Packaging – On Time Delivery”, and is the main product of the GHAEM Group.

Manufactured with the intention of producing a “safe combustion chamber”, it results in a chamber where the oil is well-proportioned for optimum engine performance.

We supply different types of dry and wet cylinder liners for cars, and those engines used in Agriculture, Construction, Marine, and Generators as well.

We produce wet and dry cylinder liners as a key component of our products

As a cylinder liner manufacturer, our process comprises of more than 3 million pieces, producing cylinders ranging from 60 to 350 mm in diameter, and sold as:

• wet finished cylinder liners
• dry finished cylinder liners
• dry semi-finished cylinder liners
• air cooled finished cylinder liners
• compressor liner products

You can either order via one of our regional offices in your country, or by completing the CONTACT US FORM, and we’ll get back to you.