Tamin Kala Ghaem

GHAEM Industrial Group, despite its high production capacity, standard quality and competitive price, has been able to make a significant contribution to export markets over the past three decades. By expansion of exporting of products as well as supplying of imported parts, this need was created to establish an independent trading company as the third subsidiary of GHAEM Group.
Tamin Kala Ghaem Company as one of the subsidiaries of GHAEM Industrial Group, started its activity 2016 with the aim of selling internally and externally. Based on this need in 2019, by changing its approach as an independent trading company, TKG starts exporting and importing raw materials, machinery and complementary components manufactured parts from the world’s top suppliers.
The knowledge, experience and effort of executives and employees with the aim of producing and supplying GHAEM brand has created the structure of GHAEM industrial Group. 24 hour efforts of the specialists and satisfaction of the consumers by creating a combination of reasonable price, quality, timely delivery and after-market services have made improvement in exporting. Today, in addition to exporting GHAEM products, the company has been able to export products to other countries such as Germany, Poland, Serbia, South Africa and the Middle East countries like Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The aims of TKG is leading an automotive spare parts organization and upgrades to a well-known international company. Other Companies Subordinate to GHAEM Industrial Group will also actively participate in achieving this goal, relying on their own production capacity and technical knowledge.
Due to the engineering knowledge in automotive spare parts and the professional supply team, the company has the ability to supply automotive parts for other domestic companies in addition to importing.

Quality and Certifications

Export Trading worldwide network with the highest quality standards same as requirements of automobile manufacturing. As the first piece making company in the country, it has achieved ISO IATF 16949: 2016 certification.
According to the engineering knowledge in automotive spare parts and the professional supply team, the company has the ability to supply other automotive parts and add to its product list. All processes and guidelines in this company have been developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard. The existence of a systematic system to help customer dissatisfaction with the aim of quick responding, periodically and accurately assessing customer satisfaction in the organization has made TKG as one of the leading companies in customer-oriented and customer satisfaction. Customer complaints and dissatisfaction are handled under ISO 10002: 2018 Quality management system monitoring of customer satisfaction in accordance with ISO 10004 requirements.


Distributing of Tamin Kala Ghaem products in the international markets and supplying spare parts required by domestic market accordance with automotive industry standards.
Expanding the export by increasing the range and variety of products and enhancing export value to 20% of the total sales.