Tamin Kala Ghaem

Tamin Kala Ghaem (TKG), as one of the subsidiary companies of GHAEM Industrial Group, currently distributes cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, valves, and assembly kits to an international market which includes European countries such as Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Ecuador, Lybia, Eastern countries like Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and further abroad to South Africa.
However, it’s not restricted to these due to TKG’s engineering knowledge in automotive spare parts.

Our products meet international standards and are exported world-wide

This, together with the professional supply team, allows the company to supply other automotive parts and add to its product list in the future.All processes and guidelines in this company are developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.

The existence of a systematic structure to help customer dissatisfaction with the aim of quick responses – periodically and accurately assessing customer service in the organization has made TKG one of the leading companies in customer-centricity and customer satisfaction.

Customer complaints and dissatisfaction are handled under ISO 10002: 2018 Quality Management System monitoring in accordance with ISO 10004 requirements.