By expansion of the market and wide distribution of pieces in the global market, it is now possible for end-users, engineers and repairers to ensure the authenticity of the purchased products. You can find out the authenticity of the purchased products by registering an 11 character validation number on the product label via the link on the site.

The unique code inserted on the piece and label, contains complete information about manufacturing and distribution processes to help identify any defects in the quality and distribution system.


Our products have the same high quality standards of automotive industry in the rest of the world. As the first O.E manufacturer in the country’s automotive industry, it has achieved ISO IATF 16949: 2016 certification.

According to knowledgeable engineers in the automotive spare parts industry, as wells as professional suppliers, we are well positioned to supply other engine parts too. This is further supported by the fact that all processes and guidelines in our company has been developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.


The existence of a systematic system allows us to handle customer dissatisfaction quickly, and our ability to periodically and accurately assess customer satisfaction in the organisation has made KTG one of the leading companies in customer-centricity, and more importantly, customer satisfaction.

All customer interaction is handled under our ISO 10002: 2018 Quality Management System, monitoring of customer satisfaction in accordance with ISO 10004 requirements

All our systems are according to ISO standards and customer focused.


Quality Control Lab

Quality control unit, with experienced personnel and test equipment, accurate and modern measurement and control of the world such as:


-Metallurgical microscope

-Hardness test


-Measuring air gauges (measuring inside diameter and inside diameter by compressed air)

-Measuring instruments with an accuracy of 0.001 mm

In the fields of metallurgy, metrology, machining and calibration, it is possible to produce and supply parts that meet the global standards by controlling the quality of all raw materials and products until the final product is achieved.