cylinder liner piston ring piston kit 2021

Assembly Kit

The GHAEM main assembly kit consists of cylinder liners, pistons, pins, pin retainers, and piston rings, and comes with GHAEM packaging, so that all you need to do is install all the assembly components in your engine. In engines with wet cylinder liners, an O-ring is also fitted to the cylinder liner type. We recommend that the complete kit is used to achieve maximum efficiency.

The main benefits are, cost savings of full kit instead of sourcing, and buying individual components from various suppliers, with varying delivery dates. In addition, the whole assembly is fully tested, balanced, and it all conveniently fits together. It’s also a proven set of parts which saves time when assembling.

Our kits prevent possible matching problems when putting parts together

Our quality control units have very experienced personnel and modern testing equipment such as: spectrophotometers, metallurgical microscopes, hardness testers, air gauges measuring inside diameter and inside diameter by compressed air.

These instruments have an accuracy of 0.001 mm. In our metallurgy, metrology, machining and calibration areas, we produce and supply parts that meet global standards by controlling the quality of all raw materials and products until the final product is achieved.