Passenger Cars

cylinder liner piston ghaem 2021

This section as pioneer of new product development, has been able to add, other engine spare part, besides cylinder Liner, to products list such as the Assembly kit, piston ring, piston, and cylinder head and gasket. New products are also defined in the development plan of this section. GHAEM is main supplier of IKCO for cylinder liners and the quality of all products are controlled according to OEM standards.

Agricultural Vehicles:

cylinder liner piston ghaem 2021

By 100% supplying of cylinder liner for Motorsazan Company as the greatest manufacturer of agricultural engines in Iran, GHAEM known as original product in spare parts market. In addition of cylinder liner different type of Piston, Piston rings, valve and assembly kit will be added to GHAEM products based on development plan.

Construction equipment:

cylinder liner piston ghaem 2021

This section, is the oldest and most specialized part of GHAEM products. close collaboration with great construction and mining companies in supplying cylinder liner, piston, piston rings and Valve and engineering services make GHAEM a reliable Brand in this field. High engine power and expensive maintenance encouraged customers to use high quality products of GHAEM.

Commercial vehicles:

cylinder liner piston ghaem 2021

Consider to diversity of engine brands in road transportation field, a wide variety of cylinder liner was added to our product’s range as well as other engine parts such as assembly kit, valve, piston and piston ring. This variety has been able to increase sales of GHAEM in domestic and export markets. Cooperation with OEM companies such as IDEM and SAIPA DEISEL has been improved the quality of the products according to European Standards.

Generator, Marine and railway engines:

cylinder liner 2021

Due to the specific features and the high technology of manufacturing the products in this field, GHAEM is the only manufacturer of cylinder Liner for such heavy diesels in this region. Cooperation with DESA Company to manufacture cylinder liner for the national diesel engines and different types of locomotive and generator liners has matched the quality level of the products to the worldwide standards. Moreover, Different types of marine cylinder liners for semi-heavy and heavy vessels are also produced by GHAEM.